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AI Solutions

AI Solutions

Envision, implement and deploy AI solutions with DVT to lower costs, engage your customers and amplify your business capability in the digital age.

Partner with us to discover the potential and realise value from AI in your business

Facts about artificial intelligence

Gartner Predicts 70 Percent of Organisations Will Integrate AI to Assist Employees’ Productivity by 2021

Artificial intelligence service engagements follow


Consulting to understand the opportunity and define meaningful roadmaps for implementation of AI


Agile approach to development of solutions that will deliver the value sought.


Support and on-going refinement to AI implementations when applied.
According to IDC surveys, 67% of organisations globally have already adopted or plan to adopt AI. Many adopters have seen returns that meet or exceed expectations, leading to increase spending on AI in the next two years. IDC sees the compound annual growth rate for AI spending near 50% in the U.S. and even higher in Asia/Pacific.

Artificial intelligence implementations

Create Intelligent Agents

BOT building to enable BOTs as a new service and engagement channel to your customers

Modernize applications

Apply AI to complement existing systems and enable new engagement paths and insights

Transform business processes

RPA, ML and DL applied to bring efficiencies, insight and transformation

ChatBOT Services

DVT engages with customers to deliver enterprise scale BOTs leveraging Microsoft’s Azure BOT Service and BOT Framework.

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Our latest insights

Safeguarding the organisation in AI implementations – Part 1 : Ethics
Safeguarding the organisation in AI implementations – Part 1 : Ethics

The AI, Data and Analytics technology space is certainly in the spotlight. A great deal of coverage is being given to the potential application of these capabilities and almost the necessity to do so in order for businesses to survive in the competitive, digital landscape. That pressure though to adopt, use and disrupt comes with dangers that are certainly not receiving the same air time. For that reason, we have been advising customers that as critical as the technical capability to utilize AI and data are foundational, non-technical aspects that could well mean the difference between success or the unintended damage to their business. These framework elements to safeguard the business are ethics, data management and the social test. Read full article

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