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About Us

Social Contribution

We believe that the biggest social contribution we can make in South Africa and the rest of Africa is to equip young talented individuals with training, skills and the expertise they need to become IT professionals.

The world needs skilled IT professionals

DVT Academy Leading The Way

DVT, in partnership with the DVT Academy, hires more than 60 young minds annually via an internship or learnership programme. We work closely with MICT SETA and through an intensive programme of training, mentoring and real-world project experience, provide them with the foundation to fast track their IT career.

DVT's young talented graduates tend to become professional developers, testers, business analysts or product consultants. Some stay with DVT, others choose to continue their career by working for our clients, but all of them are on the right path to success.

Diversity By Inclusion

Diversity by Inclusion tells the upliftment and empowerment stories of the Dynamic Technologies Group. These are the stories of how individual potential is identified and developed; of making a difference to communities; of learnerships and mentoring programmes; and of learners from disadvantaged backgrounds having an opportunity to become IT professionals. This is how technology changes lives in ways that will touch your heart, to inspire you to become part of the better future we envisage.

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