Digitisation for Banking and Financial Services in the UK

Digitisation for Banking and Financial Services in the UK

Digital enablement is driving a new age in banking and financial services. DVT leverages a 20 year history of servicing major banking and financial services organisations to identify and drive out digital solutions in shorter time frames.

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Banking Sector Digitalisation

Digital initiatives in banking may encompass a variety of technology areas requiring experience and skill. Initiatives may require analysis, application design and development, DevOps adoption, Agile transformation, application modernisation, digital banking platform adoption, UX and UI refinement and/or data and analytics services. DVT offers the full range of these services to banking customers along with a 20 year service history to the sector.

Flexible Agile Teams

DVT provides a range of team structuring options to meet your immediate and long term technology team capacity requirements.

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UX and UI Design

Meeting the expectations of customers in modern, digital channels has a direct impact on customer experience, retention and customer advocacy. Upgrade your CX with DVT’s UX and UI services for banking sector customers.

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Agile Transformation

The need to respond rapidly to customer demands and the disruption by new financial sector entrants can mean that a traditional banking organisation needs to adopt new ways of work that drive innovation and speed to market. DVT helps organisations adopt and transform into Agile organisations that thrive in the digital space.

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Financial Services Automation

Using the latest automation platforms enables the financial sector to rapidly transform customer service experience, address risk areas and free skilled personnel from administrative tasks in order to focus on customer engagement. Robotic process automation is a service from DVT that delivers real ROI to financial services and insurance business.

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DevOps Implementation

A multi-speed IT service environment is enabled both through process and process enabling solutions. DevOps brings efficiency to development and operations through end-to-end co-ordination and collaboration of teams along with facilitating toolsets. DVT provide consulting and implementation services to design, implement and optimise DevOps for your IT function.

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DVT provides services in Backbase, an end-to-end customer engagement banking platform for rapid implementation of digital banking. Innovate with a complete digital platform capability that integrates with core banking platforms and new Fintech solutions. With Backbase Digital Banking Solutions, banks empower their employees, turn prospects into customers, and improve service processes to eliminate friction for both customers and employees. Deepen customer loyalty and drive growth through a complete digital engagement solution.

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Why Digitise?

Digitisation in banking and transformation is a strategic imperative in banking services. Respond faster to customer and internal solution expectations through augmentation and specialist banking sector skills and services from DVT.

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Covid-19 has changed banking and fast-tracked development of digital channels

60% of banks have closed or shortened opening hours of branches but many have also implemented new digital features, such as fully digital processes, e.g. account opening (34%), remote identification & verification (23%) and contactless payments (18%).

Challengers tend to be faster than incumbents to adopt new trends and innovations.

New functionalities typically gain traction faster with challenger banks than incumbents, e.g. bill split 27% vs 2%, virtual debit card 26% vs 2%, chatbots with advanced use cases 15% vs 4%, chatbots allowing transactionality 12% vs 2%.

Digital champions know UX is a key differentiator driving customer satisfaction.

65% of digital champions ranked in the top 10% for analysed UX scenarios. The largest gaps between champions and latecomers are in opening an account 71% vs 23%, buying an insurance product 44% vs 7% and beyond banking service 48% vs 11%.

Source: Deloitte

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