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Outsource Software Development Services

Outsource Software Development Services

Outsourcing experiences in the past have often failed to deliver on the cost savings promised. Key issues have been cultural and language barriers, changing personnel and time zone differences that have made collaboration difficult. At DVT our outsourcing is different, so continue to read on how and why we are different.

What are the common challenges faced by today's CEO's, CIO's and COO's?

How do I reduce my IT and software development cost?
How do we get the IT team to deliver new functionality to our software more frequently and meet the demand from our business?
Why does a simple change, take so long and cost so much?
How do we delight and retain our customers through exceptional experiences with our systems and processes?

Successfully resolving these challenges for customers in the UK and Europe has been a focus for DVT and is behind our differentiation through:

Cultural alignment

Cultural alignment, neutral accent and a common first language (being English) in our delivery centres based in South Africa

Time zones

Basing operations for outsource development services in South Africa and consequently sharing a feasible and aligned time zone (typically only 1 hour difference to the UK and Europe)

Commiting team

Committing team personnel to engagements for the duration of the engagement so IP and capability stays in the team assigned

Microsoft gold partner

First World technical competence as evidenced by our Microsoft Gold Partner status in Application Development, DevOps, Cloud, Data and Analytics

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Outsourcing part or all of your software development services to a partner should be something done with confidence. At DVT we know that we can help you realise the cost savings, efficiencies and delivery you are challenged to achieve. Talk to Jason, our DVT UK MD today and see how our solutions will help you realise the benefits to outsourcing you have sought.

What is DVT's foundation for successful software development?

With the foundations for successful software development outsourcing in place, complemented by first world infrastructure and connectivity, DVT can assure UK and European clients that their outsource today is free of the challenges of yesterday. Backed up by a 20+ year history of software development services to large and medium enterprises, DVT makes technical expertise, reflected in our Gold Status as a Microsoft Partner, available to:

First rate expertise and development capacity to meet demand in business does not have to mean higher cost. Outsourcing to a base of operations where exchange rates mean incredible savings on the needed technical skills is a critical motivator for considering outsourcing

Reduce the cost of IT by leveraging the purchasing power of Pounds and Euros

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