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Software Testing

Software Performance Testing

In a digital world where consumers call the shots, it's essential that your website or mobile app delivers fast and efficient services. Performance testing is essential to prevent any bottlenecks and to increase customer satisfaction and retention by reducing wait time.

Performance vs Performance Testing

Ironically, performance is usually top of mind, but performance testing isn’t.

Software and mobile app performance testing must be done as early as possible in the development cycle, especially if performance metrics are going to affect the overall architecture of the solution you’re building.

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Performance testing benefits

Often included as an afterthought, performance testing is usually done at the end of a project or just-in-time before a major product release, or when something goes wrong in production. Fortunately, companies are starting to pay closer attention to performance testing earlier in the software development testing lifecycle. Some companies are also adding performance testing into continuous integration. There is also a range of new performance testing tools available on the market, which makes performance testing so much faster – and therefore more effective.

Find out more about the value performance testing can add to your project by watching this video.

You will learn:

  • What is performance testing and why you need it?
  • What does performance testing measure?
  • What improvements can I expect?

Why performance testing is important

Apart from ensuring that your website or app does not keep the customer waiting, proactive software performance testing is essential during mass events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. By analysing KPIs from previous critical mass events, steps can be taken to ensure critical systems are ready for the massive spike in traffic volume. Some of the critical performance factors we test for include:
Response time
Resource utilization
Maximum user loud
Behaviour under stress
At DVT,we want to make performance testing as accessible and affordable as possible. We structure and allocate our skills and resources so that time-consuming scripting is billed to less expensive resources, with more experienced consultants overseeing the process.

We are a Neotys partner and makes use of NeoLoad as the performance testing tool of choice. NeoLoad is the only load testing platform covering you for both Cloud-ready apps, micro services architected apps, mobile and IoT apps and enterprise-grade packaged apps.

Survival tips for #Blackfriday

Be ready with these performance testing tips to ensure your site or app doesn't crash.

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Case Study

The Nedbank Robo advisor project was started in late 2016 to provide their customers with an online investment application platform. DVT did not just test the project from a functional perspective, but also through performance testing. DVT was able to start with the performance testing journey very early on and formed part of the deployment process, which meant any issues picked up could be fed back to the development team very quickly.

Watch this video to gain a deeper understanding into how the team added value though performance testing to a project that also won the Banker Tech Projects Award 2018.

Performance testing survival tips for #BlackFriday

There are specific steps that businesses can take to ensure that sales run smoothly on Black Friday plus to avoid brand reputational damage. Performance testing your website and app are essential to prevent any bottlenecks and to identify potential application issues that may surface under extreme conditions.

Ferdinand Nell, Lead Consultant on performance testing shares insights on how to avoid loss of revenue or brand embarrassment when high volumes of traffic are expected on your website or app.

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