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About Us

Our Values

Our values say who we are. They guide us in making a positive impact with our clients, business partners, the communities we operate in and amongst ourselves.

Our Purpose: to Serve to Solve to Grow

As servant leaders we share power, we put the needs of others first and we help people develop and perform as highly as possible.

When people are empowered and feel respected, their ability to perform and to server others is radically enhanced and so we authentically believe in serving others for the greater good of the organisation, our clients and self.

Our Values

Lead with Heart

Lead withHeart

Solve through Insight

Solve throughInsight

Live with Impact

Live withImpact

Lead with heart

Our people are our priority and we genuinely care for them.

If our people are stimulated, empowered and valued, our organisation will be driven, effective and sustainable.

With unlimited opportunities to grow and learn and a stable support system our people have autonomy to steer their way.

We also prioritise really understanding our clients, always communicating openly, being accessible and nurturing trust through genuine relationships.

Solve through Insight

We listen, we understand and then we work to solve.

DVT is a place where we encourage knowledge sharing, we embrace new ways of thinking and doing things and we entrust our people to actively and intentionally solve.

We strive to create excellent and empowering solutions for our clients and to grow ourselves in the process.

Live with Impact

True impact comes through growth, a shift from the norm.

We are driven by the growth of our own people and the growth of our client's businesses.

Through exposure, training, honest advice and an ambitious drive we shift our people.

Through our expert skills, tailored solutions and an acute industry awareness we empower and shift our clients.

On our quest, we never settle, we can all do and be more.

Why work for DVT

Be part of a team full of heart

With a vested interest in you as a person, you are not just a number but part of a commited team, one that you can rely on for support at any time. At DVT you will experience genuine relationships and feel like you authentically belong.

Be part of the solution

Bring your knowledge, share your knowledge and exponentially grow your knowledge. Play an active role in problem solving for clients, by having a voice, through collaboration with your team and by genuinely listening to and understanding your clients.

Grow to become a giant in your field

Through exposure, honest career development advice and ongoing training we will upskill and empower you. Encouraged to solve and think differently you will thrive through challenge and success. At DVT you will seriously grow.

Why work with DVT

We genuinely care

We are genuinely interested in our clients and value proper partnerships. By being accessible, open and flexible, we nurture an authentic and positive experience for clients.

Deal with confident, grounded people

Behind each of our employees is a strong, established team, who they can rely on at any time. We work hard to match our people with our clients' culture and so ensure an easy and sustainable fit.

We listen and solve

We always start by listening and then our staff are empowered, through skills, support and open-minded thinking, to solve. We are adaptable and consistently strive for the most effective solution.

We skillfully deliver

We are a team of highly skilled technology people, who are consistently deepening our knowledge and expanding our skills. We are delivery oriented and pride ourselves on our track record.