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DVT Launchpad elevates tech careers with its unique graduate programme

Thursday, 07 March 2024 08:55

Global custom software and data engineering company DVT, has welcomed the arrival of new graduates to its DVT Launchpad programme for 2024. This year marks a significant enhancement of the programme, including the introduction of a new stream focusing on Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Rose Allen-Richards, the head of DVT's Launchpad programme, says, "We are excited to welcome our new cadets to DVT Launchpad. Our key objective is to propel their careers and potential as leaders within their respective fields, offering them an incredible head-start in the tech industry."

The DVT Launchpad programme differentiates itself from others in the industry by extending over 4-6 months and providing comprehensive training in technical, interpersonal, and business skills. This approach ensures graduates are well-rounded and ready for the challenges ahead.

Allen-Richards highlights the uniqueness of the programme, "Unlike short boot camps, our programme is designed to equip graduates with deep, fundamental knowledge, typically taking years to acquire. This personalised and extended training experience is what sets DVT Launchpad apart."

“We intentionally hire a select group of graduates, aiming to retain them as permanent employees after successful completion of the Launchpad programme,” notes Allen-Richards. “We believe that providing more individual attention is a key factor in their success and overall experience of the programme.”

This year, the programme welcomes graduates specialising in various streams, including UX/UI, .Net, Java, Mobile, Artificial Intelligence, and Web development, bringing the total to 34 talented individuals. The introduction of the AI stream is a response to the evolving needs of the tech industry, ensuring graduates are equipped with the latest and most relevant technologies skills.

DVT Launchpad's success stories are a testament to its effectiveness. Graduates have achieved remarkable success within DVT, progressing rapidly in their careers. "One of our ‘cadets’ took on a lead role on a critical project for a financial institution, heading up a team with senior experience. This is a prime example of how our programme prepares graduates for leadership," Allen-Richards shares.

The programme has evolved significantly since its inception in 2015, growing from a small group of six to over 30 graduates annually. The rigorous training, including daily workshops and a minimum of four projects, prepares graduates for real-world challenges, including participation in client projects within their first few weeks.

Looking ahead, DVT Launchpad plans to continue its collaboration with clients on various projects, further enhancing the real-world applicability of the programme's training. The success of the programme is measured through project delivery, graduate showcases, and positive feedback from clients and mentors alike.

Allen-Richards adds, "The feedback from our clients and the success of our graduates in the market serve as compelling evidence of the quality and impact of our programme. It's incredibly rewarding to see our graduates not only meet but exceed expectations."

DVT invites final year students from relevant disciplines to apply for the 2025 programme, promising an enriching experience that goes beyond conventional training. The DVT Launchpad programme is not just about building technical skills; it's about shaping the future leaders of the tech industry.

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