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Trends and insights making an impact in your digital transformation journey.

The New World of Java

For a relatively ‘new’ development language, Java is already more than 26 years old this year and has steadily grown to become one of the most popular application languages in the world of cloud-based and embedded computing devices. Read more...

Why Kotlin?

Before the announcement of first-class support for Kotlin on Android at Google I/O 2017, not many had heard of the programming language that was suddenly stepping into the limelight. Kotlin 1.0 had been released only the year before, following many years of development by a team of JetBrains developers based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Read more...

Mobile app development for an Insurance company

Mobile app development for an Insurance company

Our client required a mobile digital platform in order to offer an innovative insurance claims process, provide tailored financial advice and better customer support to its clients. Read more...

An internet banking web solution across Africa

An internet banking web solution across Africa

Our client operates in more than 20 African countries and needed to design, develop and deploy a generic and unified multi-platform and multi-device, internet banking solution for retail and SME customers. Read more...

A consumer banking mobile application

A consumer banking mobile application

This bank is developing and expanding its range of multi-channel consumer banking apps with features such as beneficiary creation, asset tracking, investment portfolio management, account transfers, etc. A mobile solution for both tablet and phone were needed. Read more...