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Case study for a BI self-sufficiency solution in the education industry

Once businesses realise that they need to place data at the core of their operation, decision-making and optimisation efforts, they soon understand that a self-service BI platform is essential to their business. A self-service BI platform frees up data analysts to focus on more strategic work than reporting and allows business users to access the data they need. Traditional BI tools often fall short in the realisation of BI self-sufficiency.

By 2020, Gartner boldly predicts that self-service BI platforms will make up 80% of all enterprise reporting.




A private school group


BI and Data Analytics

Business Challenge

Our client operates a number of private schools in South Africa and needed to deliver greater reporting and analytics capability to business users. In essence, our client required a BI self-sufficiency solution. In addition, our client needed to rationalise multivendor platforms and standardise on the Microsoft technology stack.

DVT Solution

As a Microsoft partner with an extensive track record in delivering Microsoft-based solutions, DVT was ideally positioned to assist our client. DVT provided BI professional services and used Microsoft SQL Server, Reporting Services and Integration Services extensively during this assignment.


  • MS SQL Server

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