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DVT Global Testing Centre Benefits

DVT Global Testing Centre Benefits

The advantages

9 Reasons to choose us

Advantages & Benefits

We separate manual and automated testing. This is so that each area enjoys dedicated focus.

  1. Availability at short notice. Quick response time to clients’ supply and demand.
    • Project initiation for test automation projects is 48 hours.
    • Mobile app testing lead-time is typically 2 weeks, but this can be shorter depending on capacity at the time.

  2. Scalable services and solutions provider.Clients can determine if they want to increase or decrease team size according to budget, time or scope.
    • If we have spare capacity, we assign our resources to a clients’ project to deliver an added value service or to supplement project speed. This service is implemented at no additional cost.

  3. Reduced cost of ownership.
    • Always having spare capacity to manage own staff movements.
    • Reducing client ‘key man’ dependencies, thereby reducing overall risk.
    • Reducing the need for time consuming and costly recruitment.
  1. We’re up to the challenge. (We automate anything).
    • We add operational value by automating labour intensive business processes so that resources can focus on core business aspects.

  2. No or limited capex requirement.
    • Our test centre is geared for parallel execution giving clients increased test coverage in a shorter period of time.

  3. Collaborative solutions. Responsibility between client and the Global Test Centre/ us.
    • We use the scrum methodology to complete our projects.
    • The role of product owner resides withour client.

  4. Access to experts. We share knowledge and expertise between teams and individuals.
    • We include research and development on test automation for our clients’ software at no charge in order to optimise and make automation more affordable.

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